Jump Start NGUI

NGUI was updated by Tasharen Entertainment from version 2.6 to 3.0.3.  We’ve updated Jump Start NGUI, but there was not much to change (at least code-wise).

NGUI now uses a slightly different sprite system with more options.  The prefabs in Jump Start NGUI had to be fixed, in order for them to be displayed correctly.

We’ll update this blog, when the package is approved for the Unity3D store.

Jump Start NGUI Version 1.002 Updated on the Unity3D Store!

Version 1.002 Changes:
- Added a new Okay/Cancel message box
- Added an X button in the top right corner of the start screen for exiting the game
- Changed JSUIRelayValue to have a preferences override, so that a button can send an alternative message based on a player preference.
- Added the JSKeyPress system to support pressing any key on the UI
- Added the JSKeyPress component to the GameStartScreen to allow for pressing the escape key to exit the game using the new Okay/Cancel message box and preferences override.
- Added the JSKeyPress component to the GameWinScreen to display the start screen.

A video of the new features is here.


Jump Start NGUI Published to Unity3D’s Store!

Yesterday, Jump Start NGUI was published to the Unity3D store.  It took roughly three weeks to get through the approval process.

The package can be found here!

We have set up a forum and a wiki to help support Jump Start NGUI on our site.

A video overview of Jump Start NGUI is available here.

If you have any questions or need help with the package, please feel free to mail us at support@foegames.com!

Unity3D Jump Start NGUI

While working on Star Czar and a few other Unity games, I’ve noticed there is a common thread that I have to write or import over and over.  The UI framework that games use is very often similar to other games.  Because of the need to import a UI for each project, I decided to write a generic UI controller.

The package I decided to make piggybacks NGUI, so the NGUI package is required to allow Jump Start NGUI to function.


As I went through the process of making this package, I began adding screens to the package that would save other developers a lot of time.  The screens include:

  • Logo/loading screen
  • Start menu
  • Game screen with some HUD elements
  • Win screen
  • Options popup
  • Information popup

Of course, there are other sweet tools and widgets in the package such as a depth viewer and animated progress bars (numbers animate up/down and the bar grows and shrinks over time).


Depth buttons in inspector:



With the Jump Start Depth Viewer, you can quickly organize complex objects in the scene by moving their parts in front or behind each other (such as a complex tree that re-uses leaves over and over).



As I work on games, I will keep updating the Jump Start NGUI package with more features!

Star Czar Technical Video

We have added a star map technical demonstration of how smooth the game runs in the map window to YouTube.

You can find the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vctXtmFOTyQ

While it is a quick demonstration, a lot of work went into the technical details behind the scenes to get hundreds of stars rendering properly with a fast frame rate of over 100fps.

The music is a sample of what you will hear, when the game ships.  The UI is a great introduction to how the game will look.

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into the game’s development!

New Day Dawning!

On July Ninth Two-Thousand and Twelve, Foe Games begins!  As a new company, we have many tasks to complete before we begin work on our first project, Star Czar!

Star Czar will be a strategy game set in space, where you are tasked with expanding into the galaxy for survival.  The game’s vision is to provide a game platform for PC and mobile, which has an easy to use interface and very deep game play.

Originally written in the 1980′s as a pen and paper game, but later adapted as a multi-player game in 1992, Star Lords is all about the 5x’s of strategy:  Exploration, Expansion, Exploitation, Extermination, and Experience.

Most strategy games focus on 4x’s, but ignore the 5th element of units and leveling up individual fleets.  Star Czar will incorporate elements of the pen and paper game, the large universe of the multi-player game, and innovative concepts from a fresh perspective of indie games.

Follow us into a new frontier as we develop Star Czar!

Edit: The name has since changed from Star Lords to Star Czar.